ACV and Keto – 4 Reasons why

Keto's best friend


It seems like every time I am researching a topic to implement in our diet and lifestyle, something always comes up about apple cider vinegar.  Since there are so many health benefits to be gained from taking ACV, we shouldn’t be surprised.  But instead of the same list we read about how ACV is good for everything from bug bites (and it works!) to hiccups, I wanted to focus more on how it would relate to those of us on the ketogenic diet and those of us who are in pursuit of better health and quality of life. So, here are four reasons that you will love what ACV can do for you!

Blood Sugar

There have been several studies that show that the use of ACV improves insulin sensitivity and lowers blood glucose levels. Taking ACV will slow down the digestion of the carbohydrates eaten. With the carbs turning to glucose more slowly, it keeps the blood sugar more stable without spikes in glucose.  This will also help with inflammation.

One Swedish study showed that when people took ACV with water while eating a piece of white bread, it reduced the glycemic load of the bread ingested by over 45 percent!  However, while on a ketogenic diet, we hope you are not indulging in white bread!  Yet, if it will work that well on white bread, can you imagine how it will work for a low carb meal!

Carb Craving

Since most carb cravings are tied to blood sugar spiking and then going low, it would stand to reason that the ACV would help curtail these cravings with its sugar stabilizing property.

It is good to note that once you have been on the keto diet for a while and are eating a low amount of good, clean carbs, these cravings will be low, and in a lot of people, diminish altogether.  This has been true in my case.  I used to crave sugar and carbs a lot!  Seriously, when I first started, I just had to do what I could to get past the cravings, including eating treats with sweeteners like maltitol (which can also spike blood glucose in most people).  Then after a while on keto, I only wanted something I shouldn’t have once in a while.  I would try to plan those things I wanted around a family event where we would be eating out.  Now, I don’t even care anymore that I can’t have pasta, because there are things in my diet that are much more satiating!  Now, the challenge to find something on the menu that will be delicious but will allow me to stay in ketosis appeals more to me!  (It’s amazing how motivating the moving scale can be also!)

Fat Burning

 ACV helps with fat oxidation, which means it helps your body break down fats you eat into a form your body can use.  This will encourage your body to use the fats as fuel even more.

Also, the acetic acid within the ACV has been shown to burn fat at an accelerated rate in comparison to ketosis without the ACV.  The acetic acid is also believed to prevent fat build-up in the body by activating genes that normally break down fats.

Lower Triglycerides

If you remember my initial story of how we came to keto, one of the reasons was that my husband’s triglycerides were very elevated. This is one of the main reasons we started a daily regimen of ACV.  Using ACV daily has shown to reduce triglycerides, raise HDL (good cholesterol) all while lowering LDL (bad cholesterol).

How to take ACV

In our household, we take one tablespoon of ACV with 2 ounces of diet cranberry juice and about 6 ounces of water a few minutes before meals, and drink with a straw – I don’t know if it helps, but it will limit the exposure of your teeth to the acid at least somewhat.  We also rinse with water after drinking.  Some people also mix it in with salad dressing, or you can even buy it in capsule form now.  DO NOT try to take it straight without mixing it in something.  It is very strong and it could burn your esophagus without diluting it.

If you take a dose before bed, your fasting blood glucose in the morning will be lower.  Whereas a dose in the morning will give you more energy and get your body going!

Who Should Not Use ACV?

People who should not use ACV include those with TYPE 1 DIABETES, since they have no way to make insulin.  Also, pregnant or nursing women.  Because the ACV is not pasteurized, you could pass on things to your baby that may not be good for them.  The best rule is in any of these cases, ask your doctor before starting anything new.

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